Clomid ? on visual disturbance

  1. Clomid ? on visual disturbance

    Can someone explain exactly what kind of problems clomid causes with your vision? I did a search and it wasn't specific. Also, is this something to worry about with the 300mg 1st day, 100mg/day next 7days, 50mg/day next 2 weeks dosage schedule?

    Consensus on whether permanent or reversible?


  2. With most people it has been reported of a trailer.. it an after imagine when something is moving.. but not everyone. I don't think I have ever seen one.

  3. if this is something ur really worried about go with nolva insead...u gotta realize though its like anything else things can affect people differently

  4. I not really worried about it. I just am trying to gather all of the info. I can before I start my last cycle of the year. I'm getting a lot of differing opinions on whether nolva or clomid is best post-cycle, but I know that nolva while on, clomid while off is what is considered the standard.

    If you were going to do an eight week PH cycle(1-Test, 4-AD, 1,4-AD, 19-Nor, 5-AD, 5AA) that totals 108grams of PH, what would you do for post cycle Wojo?

  5. honestly for me 20 mgs nolva and 2-3 grams of alcar,600mgs of r-ala and creatine should work fine..jmo

  6. How long would you run the nolva?

  7. 4-6 weeks for nolva..everything else would be 8 weeks

  8. It's been a while sence I cought trails ....Ha Ha


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