Cutting phase help please

  1. Cutting phase help please

    Been reading alot and just ran a h-drol cycle and had some dry lean gains. I liked it but did have some back pain in the end.

    WOndering if I could run Juggernaut Nutrition Win-Ztrol and h-drol at the same time. I read where you can run Win-ztrol with just about anything but just needing some help is all. I just want to get rid of some small belly fat. I am 6 1" 185lbs so I am not fat but would love to get my bottom abs to show. Please, I need help with anything I need before during or for pct. Ive never taken 2 at a time so I'm just asking for some help is all. Still reading and just want some insight on what some users would do.If you would recommend somethin better for cutting then please let me know. I am knew to this and I have been reading alot just want some more insight is all!!!!!!!!

    thanks again for all the help I love the site


  2. you have run two hdrol cycles before and your asking about support supps and PCT now??? If you have run a cycle or two you should know what to use. And if you last hdrol cycle was 4 weeks that mean your PCT was 4 weeks... SO you should be taking 8 weeks off, from the end of PCT, before thinking about running another cycle.

  3. well said^^

  4. I took my pct after my H-drol cycles ( which I only did 1 cycle of H-drol for 4 weeks) Im still on my pct right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!I have never run 2 different componds at one time so I was just asking if there is anything extra I should take. I took dermacrane sustain,dhea, and zma to name a few
    for my pct this last time.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by deadeye View Post
    I took dermacrane sustain,dhea, and zma to name a few
    for my pct this last time.

    that win ztrol is just like prostanozol(sp?) so ya technically you could stack it with anything, but first.....

    No Excuses & No ***** ***: A Stupid People's Guide to PCT



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