HGH and disc injuries

  1. HGH and disc injuries

    Hey I am in some need of some help finding some good articles on the use of HGH to treat injuries to cartilage or discs. I have been having back problems on an off for a while now and I got a CT scan done last year, and it showed some deterioration but not that bad. Well it has flared up starting earlier in the summer and now after I had an MRI done on Friday, it is looking worse.. so if anyone has any articles related to the use of GH to combat this I would love to have them or any other ways of keeping away from the knife...
    Thanks for the help

  2. Bringing this back from the dead

    I also have a disc problem, 2mm bulge at T10-11 levels and wondering if steroids, HGH or IGF-1 do help heal a bulging disc? Or if anyone has any advice on dealing with a mild disc bulge please let me know.
    Got a bottle of Halodrol-50 that I was going to take 5 months ago but got injured. Thinking of taking the whole bottle tonight! lol

  3. You guys should move this over to the IGF/GH/Insulin section.

    There's been a few threads about GH/IGF-1 and injuries, but nothing relating to disks that I remember.

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