Which Ones To Include!!!!!!!!

  1. Which Ones To Include!!!!!!!!

    I am planning for a bulking cycle in late April or Early May, and to be quite honest I'm not sure what I want to do. Here Is a List of what I have or have comming:

    Dianabol: 1000mg total
    Test E : 20ml @ 200mg/ml
    Test Prop : 19 grams. @ 80mg/ml (Homebrew)
    Superdrol: 81 10mg tabs
    Plenty of Nolva
    I have some tren also but I want to wait till I have more experience.

    I did get some minor estrogenic/progest. sides from my last S-Drol cycle nothing major just puffy nipps (no lumps). More than anything I'm posting this just to see what others would do in my situation.

  2. If it was me, I'd keep it simple. Just pulse (workout days only) Dbol or Super on top of some test.

  3. I had thought of that also. Thanks for the advice. Anyone who has an idea feel free to weigh in.

  4. Short cycle of prop (about 6 weeks max).. I'd suggest you run it with epi, but you don't have any.

  5. Test for 10 weeks is a simple and effective beginner bulk cycle.Nolva and clomid are a must.

    Its not needed,but you can run the dbol as i explainedbut if you recently had sensitivity issues,the extra androgens will flair things up even faster.
    You just ran superdrol,so Id suggest giving the orals a break anyhow.

    Prop is great,but i dont know any beginners that want to become pin cushions shooting EOD for 6 weeks or more.

    Tren is a powerfull compound,i wont recommend it for the first few cycles.

  6. You guys are the best! Thanks for the advice


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