Polyethylene glycol

  1. Polyethylene glycol

    Hi guys, how much polyethylene glycol will dissolve certain amounts of powder? Whats the ratio? Will one get sick if small amounts are ingested orally?

    Propylene glycol, will one get sick if small amounts are ingested orally?

  2. ... and a further question, has anyone here had any experience using it as an IM carrier and how do the injections feel?

  3. PEG for IM inj.

    I've read places that say PEG can be used for site injections with minimal pain. Since I am not familiar with board rules concerning post reprints from other boards, here is a common excerpt found on at least 3 other boards: (from Skyefire)

    "Propylene glycol is made ether from glycerol reacted with NaOH or from propylene reacted with chlorine and s carbonate. Hence itís not very toxic. This **** is used for everything. It is one of the lightest polyhydric alcohols. Fairly polar solvent than can dissolve most any powder. Used as a co solvent for just about anything. Drawbacks include discomfort injecting at high levels and poor viscosity for the MW. Not the most compatable with oil.
    Technical info: CAS# 57-55-6, Miscible in water. Specific Gravity:1.0361 boiling point 370f Molecular Weight is 76.1

    Polyethylene glycol (PEG) is a polymer made for ethylene oxide. It comes in almost any MW, from 200 to 60,000. 400 to 12,000 are the most common with 400 the most common for liquids and 2,500 for solid. (Anything over 800 to 1,000 is a solid at room temp.) It is nontoxic at any reasonable level. It is nonpolar while having lots of hydroxyl functionality. This makes it great for getting things to stay soluble in oil. Used a lot for compatibility reasons. Can also be used as a painless vehicle, instead of oil. Drawbacks include high viscosity and thermoplastic tendencies becoming more pronounced at the higher MWs. Also has mechanical properties (surface tension) that cause it to separate from oil. This may become less pronounced at the higher MWs but I have not had a chance to test this at this time.
    Technical info: CAS# 25322-68-3, Miscible in water at the lower MWs slowly decreasing as the MW goes up. Density: range: 1.1 to 1.2 (increases as molecular weight increases) Melting Point: Melting point increases as molecular weight increases: PEG 400 = 4-8C (39-46F) PEG 600 = 20-25C (68-77F) PEG1500 = 44-48C (111-118F)"
  4. Painless PEG test suspension

    As for injection solvent of choice, this post, by Harvey, shows it to be ideal for "testosterone -- no ester"

    "How to make a painless Test Suspension

    Originally posted by bigtex, i personally haven't tried this, but it should work, every thing looks in order.

    100mg\ml 100 ml

    1) 10grams of Test no ester
    2) 10ml BA
    3) 10ml BB
    4) 70ml peg

    Measure the powder out to 10.0 grams pour in a beaker or vial, which ever you choose. Mix BA,BB and peg with the powder. Then you heat the solution until all the powder is dissolved. Then you filter it in a sterile vial and let cool. I have filtered when hot and cool and it flows easy while it is warm than cool. After it cools down you are ready ti inj. a painless Test suspension."

    Kaotic Chemistry also uses it as the solvent of choice (in conjunction with his secret dissolving solution) for putting stanozolol into suspension. He is one of only a very few able to put it into a solution that allows it to stay dissolved (which includes, of course, Harvey).
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  5. Merck on oral Propylene Glycol and PEG

    Here is a direct quote from Merck Index, 11th Ed.:

    "...Taken internally, [PG] is harmless, probably because its oxidation yields pyruvic and acetic acids.... LD50 orally in rats: 25ml/kg....

    USE: As nontoxic antifreeze in breweries and dairy establishments. Substitute for ethylene glycol and glycerol.... As inhibitor of fermentation and mold growth. As mist to disinfect air. As emulsifier in foods. Pharmaceutic aid (humectant, solvent)"

    Also, Merck says of polyethylene glycol:

    "...are compounds of low toxicity... LD50 orally in rats (PEG-400) 30ml/kg..."
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