1. Deca/Bold/4-ad

    Hey bros, i'm asking this question for a buddy of mine who wants to do a cycle of transdermal nandrolone/boldenone/4-ad.
    Here's what he's looking for : Trying to gain and keep 10 lean lbs and is doing a 6-7 week cycle. I suggested that he do a gram a week of each applied which will net him 350-400mg of each per week absorbed. Does that sound like enough 4-ad to combat possible deca dick? I also reccomended femara or arimidex throughout cycle. Let's hear your guys thoughts! Thanks!

  2. I think it should be enough 4-AD. My experience with 4-AD is that it works really well for me as a dermal, just as good as any syno TNE that i've used.

  3. Why nandrolone and boldenone together?

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