Keep in mind....I'm pretty new here. I've got some off the wall questions for you...

  1. Keep in mind....I'm pretty new here. I've got some off the wall questions for you...

    1) I've read that 4-ad does NOT shut down your endogenous test production. True? If so, does that mean a person could, in theory, run 4-ad without necessarily cycling off? Of course, you would probably get wicked, wicked bloat....but what about running 4-ad with an anti-e basically non-stop? Anybody ever tried it?

    2) What is up with the liposomal delivery stuff? Worth a damn?

    3) If you buy bulk powder 1-test or 3-alpha or 4-ad or whatever....I know there are a few options. You could cap it and take it as a pill. You could make a transdermal. I suppose you could spike it....not that I'm interested nor would I know how to prepare it. If you wanted to take it orally, is it necessary to cap it? Could you not just put, say, 300mg in a cup of water and drink it down? Maybe it wouldn't be as effective as a transdermal because of the passes through the liver, but how would that be any different than capping it? Just curious.

    4) I read in the "cycle info" section that a guy was doing a 1-test/test cycle as a transdermal. I suppose if you could get the real stuff, say, powdered versions of nandralone, boldenone, deca, could actually make transdermals out of them?
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  2. 1) I'm pretty sure 4-ad will shut you down taken with anti-e or not.
    3) Not sure about taking 1-t,3-alpha orally. 4-ad should be ok orally in a glass of water no diff from a capsule. If you don't want liters of transdermal recipes, then just get t-gel from the member store.

  3. 4AD is basiscally worthless orally.

    3Alpha is ok orally but is being used in dermals now with great sucess.

    1T has never been thought of as good orally. The ONLY possible exception is 1TU.

    ANY androgen shuts you down.

  4. I think this might be what I had read about 4-AD, but it has been a while....

    "With a few select androgens, you can stay on for a longer period of time without having to worry about suppression of your endogenous Testosterone production. This will also help to alleviate some of the "crash" most guys experience after coming off of a cycle. Of course, when you include the fact that the two androgens I did mention are 17 alpha-alkylated, this limits the amount of time you should be using them because of liver toxicity issues. The only other option that leaves us with would be low dosages of Testosterone (<200 mg per week) taken concurrently with anastrozole or 4-AD. Even so, the overall winner in each case is 4-AD."


    "With this in mind, a non-aromatizable steroid, like 4-AD, used for a short period of time, should cause very little inhibition of endogenous Testosterone. Also, the small inhibition that does occur will subside quickly once the 4-AD has been discontinued (15)."

    Man, I took 1-TU and I thought it was worthless. I took 300mg per day...pretty small dose.
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    I once asked Patrick Arnold about taking 6-oxo, Formasin, or any anti-e in conjunction with PH's in order to prevent or minimize endogenous shut down during cycle. His reply was that 1-test was too suppressive, and that no anti-E would diminish suppression. But he "speculated" that a 4AD only cycle might not. His recommendation was to take 6-oxo post cycle, but that one could also take it concurrently with a 4AD cycle if they were really concerned about it.

  6. 1) If you take test, you will experience suppression of natural test production (thru a negative feedback loop). 4-AD converts to test so yes taking 4-AD can/will shut you down.

    2) Liposomal delivery is more efficient or offers better absorbtion that a dermal, but is limited in the amount absorbed per application so it is necessary to apply every few hours every day.

    3) 1-test is best used as a dermal, 1-AD as an oral. But if you did decide to buy powders for oral application, then capping would be your best bet.

    4) yes


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