Post Cycle: Libido Already Back?

  1. Post Cycle: Libido Already Back?

    I just finished a 30day:
    19nor @ 750mg, 4-ad 400mg

    Last night I took 4ml of Liquid Nolvadex, and my libido has been insane today. I'm happy but -- I dont understand it. All other cycles (6oxo post cycle) it would be at least 14days before the libido returned.
    It was a high dose of nor too for 30days.

    How'd this happen?

    Post I'm just using the basics
    Liquid Nolva

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  3. how long before did u quit your pH before you noticed this, the previous day or a few days?

    If it was just a day or so, it could have just been the 4-ad still? Or since it was a 4 week cycle, you may not have been shut down THAT much, and it's in your head?

    Give us some more info

  4. Libido has been consistant throughout cycle, and right up until now.
    I'm getting in the 3rd day of post cycle and the libido is still constant
    hopefully this keeps up...? i guess?
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