How to pin Testanon weekly?

  1. How to pin Testanon weekly?

    I am using Testanon with Deca for my next cycle. I am going to shoot the deca E3D and the Testanon EOD. The testanon is made up of 200mg test E and 100mg test prop. It is a 20ml vial. I was thinking to get the full 12 weeks out of it to shoot .6 of a cc? Is this correct?

  2. 20/.6=33.3 injections x EOD = 66.6 days/7=9.5weeks

    20/.5=40 injections x EOD = 80 days/7=11.42weeks

    20/.6=33.3 injections x E3D = 99.9 days/7=14.25weeks

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