4-AD / 1-Test Cyp four week resuts

  1. 4-AD / 1-Test Cyp four week resuts

    Well, after 4 weeks of pinning I have to say I am pleased with the results.

    2000 mg / week 4-AD
    600 mg / week 1-Test
    Injections Mon & Thurs

    I used Dazed's 1-Test, and his 4-Ad for the first half and Meso Labs 4-AD for the second half.

    I did not take specific measurements, but I am up somewhere between 12-15 lbs. Started at 240 and now at about 255. No fat loss, but no gain either. Strength is way up as is sex drive (NICE). That's about it. I am going to cut out the 4-Ad and try to lean up a bit now.



  2. sweet man, those are some impressive gains. 15 pounds in four weeks is great. Also how many cycle of either PHs or gear have you done? keep it up

  3. I am also using Dazed's 1 test cyp at 600 mg weekly and his 4 ad cyp at 1800 weekly . I started on august 1st at 224 lbs 8-9 % bf and I am now at 248 at about 11-12 % 30 days latter.

  4. i forgot to ask how the sides are... such as libido, hair loss (if prone), lethargy, etc. I'm glad to hear you guys are getting results. Also how often are you injecting each. thanks

  5. BUMP for a reply and I'm still debating on whether to do a 4-AD cyp inject only as I'm a wussy for 1-test sides.

    How long have are you guys going to be running these, 8 weeks?

    And for the people in the know, If I decide to pin 2000mg of 4-AD for 8 weeks, how much Test am I actually getting?

  6. I had realtivley no sides other than I perceived some water retention. Sex drive was up, no hair loss and no lethargy at all. I would highly recommend it on a bulking cylce- no for cutting. I am still running the 1-test and will be using 3-alpha , 1.4 andro topically to lean up a bit for the next 4 weeks.


  7. Sounds like its going pretty good man. Nice game plan too. Good luck w/ the rest.

  8. I should ask, so I know what I'm getting myself into.... how's the pain on Dazed's 1-test cyp? Because that's what I'm waiting for in the mail as we speak.

    Will be my first time sticking myself... fun times.

  9. Pretty much pain free.
    Look at it closely before you draw it up.
    Mine started crystalizing around the last third of the vial.
    Once heated it was ok though.


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