Low carb + steroids + bulking = very good solid mass?

  1. Low carb + steroids + bulking = very good solid mass?

    Anyone tried bulking on a CKD with steroids? I'm looking for a lean bulk effect with maximal muscle gains. If you have tried it please share your experience.

  2. yes but your body ends up craving carbs alot more then u wud think because your burning more energy daily and your output of enegry is much greater

  3. i've been relativly low carb and bulking for some time now - not quite ckd style but still in a low range. and my gains have been very solid and quality and amazingly without aas so far on this bulk!

    i believe you would have nice quality gains with this approach. just keep in mind that the main differnce between a cut and bulk is total calorie deficit/surplus.

    if your cals are relativly clean and low carb i believe it will only help keep the amount of fat mass you gain to a bare minimum. of course you probably won't gain as much as you would if you eat tons of carbs but at least it is quality and you won't have to work so hard later cuttng away all the excess fat post cycle.

    i'll take quality over quantity any day!!!

  4. I agree. But, don't go overboard. Keep a happy medium when it comes to carbs. It's alright to have a deficit.. But I wouldn't cut them out completley while "ON"

  5. ya, the more I think about this the worse idea it seems. I'm probably going to just wait til my cycle is over then try the AD.

  6. Just eat these, you will be a champion in no time,

  7. There's a couple of very respected members here who swear by the AD for cycling. I think it's Trip or Piston that used the AD while on superdrol, which everyone seems to insist requires high carbs or you feel like ****, which apparently isn't true. I'm planning to cycle while on the AD, but then I do great on low carbs.
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