Make a phone call -- Save prohormones

  1. Make a phone call -- Save prohormones

    As most of you might be aware, there are several bills moving into congress right now that will make Prohormones illegal. The Biden bill will also schedule Trenbolone and increase penaties for steroid use. Everyone should make an effort to stop this legislation. All you have to help is make a few phone calls.

    The name of the Biden Bill is "The Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 2003"A full copy of it is available here:

    The two Senators sponsoring this bill are Joe Biden and Orin Hatch. Call them and let them know you're against the bill. Refer to it by the name above.

    Phone #'s for the Senators are posted below:

    Joe Biden
    Washington Office:
    Phone: (202) 224-5042

    Main District Office:
    Phone: (302) 573-6345

    Orin Hatch
    Washington Office:
    Phone: (202) 224-5251

    Main District Office:
    Phone: (801) 524-4380

    You can also get information on your own senators here:

    I strongly suggest everyone call the senators above, and their own state senators and let me know that you are against this bill.

    Be specific and let them know that you are against the bill in general and scheduling of prohormones specifically. Let them know that this is an infringement on your rights and that you will not stand for it. The more specific and professional sounding you are the more likely your call has a chance of making a difference.

    I know that several mods from other boards post here. I'm requesting that you place this post (or a similar request) on the boards that moderate.

    Remember that this bill will effect steroid users too. So this should be relayed to everyone using gear as well.

    Thanks for reading.
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  2. I just viewed the local FOX news a bit ago and there was a very small segment on the bill.

    I was pleased to see that the majority of their tone was in favor of the consumer. They had a small interview w/ a spokeswoman, but can't remeber her name.

    Stated that ALL SUPPLEMENTS will have to undergo regulation hereafter if bill of many do indeed pass. Gave little info as to why the FDA has funding and should put it to use in different arenas as well as the pharmaceutical aspects, etc. Also, that bills will undergo debating or what have you in the UPCOMING WEEKS.


  3. sheesh, personal amount of AS should be legal in U.S. as it is in many countries... meanwhile they are trying to make even more things illegal.

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