Could It Be Gyno???

  1. Could It Be Gyno???

    Guys, problem, day 5 of my OH Test cycle , last night and today, 3 different times I have felt a dull pain in my left chest, like behind and around the nipple, for a little bit then goes away, could this be early signs of gyno or is it just my mind being worried about it?? (I already have puffy nips so I cant tell if they got puffier) BTW I'm using Skulpt too while on cycle, and I have Nolva on hand, what do you think??

  2. This certainly sounds like an early gyno warning sign to me, I'd start hitting up the nolvadex at 40mg/day to be on the safe side. After all, this is exactly the kind of situation that you had the nolva available for.

    I'm not familiar with whether or not the skultp could be causing the pain you're experiencing, but better safe than sorry at any rate.

  3. thanks, bump for other opinions?

  4. Are you putting the Skuplt on the area that is now sensitive?

  5. babygetoboy,
    Before you crack open that Nolva how bout you give us some insight on your cycle, your stats and any past estro related problems you or other family members have experienced. Ive never heard of someone actually getting gyno within the first 5 days of a standard, basic, cycle. Odds are that your just paranoid. Is this your first run, bro?
    But if your that scared then do what you must.

    I take it your not very experienced in this line of work. You are way to quick to draw conclusions without knowing the facts. All your doing is making the matter worse by scareing the kid more. Dont get me wrong, I love to see people quiver in fear, but not at the expense of a good cycle.

    Bump todds question. and ooh yeah baby, when you flex in the mirror and pinch your nips to tweak them out (and I know you do since you already claimed puffy nipple simplex) for a good pose down by yourself, you can irratate your nipples pretty easily. Theres plenty of nerves back there to bother.

    good luck,

  6. i have to disagree....**** it! is it really worth having breasts, over a $30 bottle of nolva or 2lbs in gains? I'd get on it asap, better safe than sorry. 40 is a really high dose, i'd say 20 first day then 10 thereafter, this way it won't do much harm, and you can figure out whats truly wrong. But it's hard to say w/o knowing your cycle, and your previous experience with this stuff as Db stated. Also db brings up a good point, you can irritate your nipples rather easily, so keep that in mind.

  7. I'm on LGP 1-T Hydroxytest at 2 squirts twice a day, and haven't felt any of the pains yet today. I am applying the Skulpt right to the nipple area, not on the nipple but around it and on the chest. I've done a t1-pro cycle before at 2 squirts twice a day, but I ran 10mg of nolva through the whole cycle. (Haha, and yes, I do tweak my nipples out quite a bit) But it felt like the pain was from deep within, not right on the nipple, since I haven't really felt anything today , and only felt it yesterday when I was thinking about gyno, should I wait it out and see what happens before running the nolva?

  8. Look bro,
    Its your chest, you should be able to read it better then us. You still havent given us any of your stats. (age, weight, experience, height, etc.) If its bothering you that much then take the nolva. If your willing to pass it off as a "mind game" then dont. Like Blaze said it wont kill you to take it now, but Irratation is commen with transdermals. You make the call. We cannot diagnose gyno over the net for you.

    Keep in mind that the fact that you know of the possible risks of taking the stuff causes paranoia in alot of people. I hear all the time about people finding a hair on there pillow and deciding to quit without thinking twice. The odds are that most people will find hair on there pillows on cycle or not. People do shed hair and hair does break everyday. You just dont realize it till paranoia of a bald head kicks in.


  9. I think i'm going to hold off on the nolva, I think it was my head, we willl see.

    BTW I'm 22, ~14-16bf 6' 185 Lifting for about 1 year seriously. More of my stats are on my cycle thread over at cycle info if you want to check it out.



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