T-1 Pro & Supp. help???

  1. T-1 Pro & Supp. help???

    Ok I hope I post this inthe right place this time. Newbie to the forum and I have a question about T-1 Pro and what supp,ements to take with it.
    Plan on doing a 4week cycle. Everyone seems to be very knowledgeable in this forum, so I thought I'd get some helpful takes on the issue.
    This is what I plan on running:

    BDC's T-1 Pro
    V12 or Swole V2 (reccommend)
    Opt. Nutrition 100% Whey or Muscle Milk (reccommend)

    Need some advise on if there is something I'm forgetting or if I should drop some of it.

    Thanks in advance for any helpful ino!

    BTW I'm:
    32yrs old

    Want to bulk up without the water retention look!

  2. IMO, drop the Nox2, it's worthless overhyped crap.


  3. Thanx for the advise. Biggs IM'd me this morning and told me the same thing!
    BTW do you know anything about adding 600mg dosaes of 1,4 ando to a T-Pro cycle?

  4. I've never done a PH cycle, just on here trying to research and learn about it as much as possible before I do one later in Dec., so I'm not going to give any direct advice on how to dose and what to take. BUT, look at the threads titled "First Cycle" posted by ckoch1722 and "Mixing 1-test and 4AD and 1.4 adro" posted by Molehonea. These threads have disscussions in them with posts by some very knowledgable bros related to your question. There are probably other threads, so use the search option up top, but these are just two that I've read recently.

    On another note, add a multi-vit, I recommend AST's, it's good, it's cheap.


  5. Originally posted by smike319

    BTW do you know anything about adding 600mg dosaes of 1,4 ando to a T-Pro cycle?
    I would definitely do it. How do you plan on adding the 1,4-andro, oral or dermal? It's one of the few PH's that work well orally and as a dermal.

  6. Appreciate your honesty and direction on where to go to get some more info. on this. Just placed my order at Power Nutrition for most everything except the Clomid. Guess I'm gonna get some of that at Liqua-Solutions.


  7. Power Nutrition also sells liquid clomid.

  8. Plan on a oral 1,4 diol if you can reccommend one tha'd be cool. As far as the liquid clomid, PN is too high. I can get Liqua-Solutions for about $25 verses $50 for PN's.
    Also I saw an old thread where someone was doing about the same cycle but did liquid Nolva during it then followed up with liquid Clomid for post cycle. Why would you take Nolva during your T-1 Pro cycle?


  9. As far as 1,4-Diol goes, it think BDC used to sell it but i'm not sure if they still do nor do i know who else offers them. I've always used the dione version.


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