Superdrol Clone ?

  1. Superdrol Clone ?

    I bought a superdrol clone about 1 year ago. The original Oxodrol. I am half way into week 3. Currently running 2 pills a day. The are 12.5mg. So far absolutely feeling no sides. Guess my support supps are working. Anyways I have put on some size, but strength gains have been minimal. I have some left over P plex by cel and some left over xteme tren. Any thoughts on adding either for a week or 2. I am around 285-290 lbs. Appreciate any advice

  2. Any experienced ph folks think I could get away with adding the X tren for 2 weeks.

  3. some people like to bridge from superdrol into phera plex and vice versa so u could drop to one superdrol pill a day for ur last week while taking 1 phera for a week and then after that up the dosage of the pherea while discontinuing the superdrol

  4. THANKS Schuman - I really like the sounds of that. That should be perfect.

  5. Id wait for the middle of week 2 and if gains are not to your liking add in the xtren.

    Id stay away from the bridge unless you have some experience with stacking and bridging compounds. Usually the sdrol phera bridge is run with the drier compound last (sd)...

  6. Thanks Pistonpump, now that you mention it I do remember seeing folks usually starting with phera and ending with SD. Makes sense. When I ran Xtren before strenght gains were great but very hard to hold onto. But i did get sick at the end of the cycle. Thanks

  7. What doses were you taking the tren at 3/day?

  8. Link 24. I am currently on my 3 third week of a Superdrolo clone at 2 pills a day. I did run a few days at one pill. I am seriously considering bridging into tren next week. One superdrol one tren for a week. Then probably 2 tren a day for another week. Then PCT. Mt strength gains are just starting. Early fall of last year I ran tren and p plex. 1 tren and 2p plex per day. Stength gains were much better but the shut down felt much worse.


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