Why not to jump the gun on PHs?

  1. Why not to jump the gun on PHs?

    I have read a number of people on this board say "You should not take PHs prior to hitting a plateau/reaching your genetic potential/until you've trained for 3 years." I don't know enough on the topic to disagree, so I won't. But I'd like to hear why you think it's a bad idea. I'm not talking about people under 21 who still have physical/endocronological growth ahead of them. I'm talking about healthy adult males.

    Are there health reasons not to, or is it purely psychological? Is it because you worry that people not in those 3 categories above don't have the knowledge/commitment to cycle safely?

  2. most people that have not been training for very long amount of time do not have the knowlege to understand how to use a cycle correctly and more importantly how to diet in your favor while on something and allot of people on this board will say they use ph's or ps or an aas to get past a sticking point and not rely on them for there only growth but there are many people who use these when they are not at the genetic potiental infact i would say most that do use are not

  3. Off the top of my head, no particular order:
    1) The knowledge that what you gained is mostly you and not just a pill.
    2) The expense
    3) The risk/side effects (both physical and psychological).
    4) Having your life (and everyone elseís life around you) revolve around a cycle.
    5) If you depend on a hormonal product before you get the basics of nutrition, training, supplementation, and life style down, youíre not likely to keep your gains. 3 yrs is a good estimation to get to this point, but isnít absolute.

  4. Thanks! So far these are the answers I was predicting. Anyone have anything significantly different?

  5. From what I've learned, each time you take something hormonal, it reduces your body's sensitivity to androgens (such as the natural ones in your body) And therefore, it will slow your natural progress in the future.

  6. i duno wher u read that but no.. your androgen receps die and regenerate and are sensitised by hormones aka ur natural test. anyway..

    the reason i dont think people should jump on PH is because honeslty people without a proper base of training and nutrition will not make good gains off them and if they do make any gains they will simply loose them. i see people at the gym all the time who just start working out 3-4 months not an idea of diet or training but will jump on the sauce. 3 months later they are back to where they were if not smaller and have gained nothing but only serve to humor me to no end.

  7. I waited until I was 26 or so and tried a couple of short cycles. I had already gotten to what I had previously thought my ideal body aesthetic was. I tried Superdrol for a four weeker in the early days and blew up. I then felt like **** for the next four months getting my hormone profile back in order. I kept (still) most of my gains, but if given the choice I would not do it again. I know I could've gotten to here without it and can't help but feel like a fraud when kids at the gym ask me for advice.

    I got caught in the instant gratification trap, and I did enjoy the feeling of watching my body change seemingly overnight. It just felt like an empty victory after all of the years I spent obsessing about doing it the natural way.

    Kind of like a helicopter ride to the top of Everest (assuming Helos could achieve the altitude)...you still get the beautiful view. You just don't get the soul satisfaction of knowing exactly what you are capable of armed only with determination.


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