question about pinz

  1. question about pinz

    i was planning on trying a cycle of tren sometime in the near future.. well my question was are pinz tracked at all when bought online? this might be a dumb question but im not sure.. im in the air force and live on base housing.. now i know most stuff isnt checked like ive gotten clomid and stuff.. i dunno how the post office works on base or anything id assume it isnt too much differnt from any other post office.. i wasnt sure maybe pinz were illegal for someone who wasnt using them for a medical reason.. i looked around but couldnt find much info on it.. i found a good site for pinz i just dont wanna get in trouble for having them sent to me house.. i think maybe im just paranoid

  2. Get them sent to a buddies house that lives off base.


  3. yeah thats wat i was thinking.. thanx

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