Hey guys, I've been on a superone+ cycle for the past 16 days or so, and things have been going quite nicely so far. I'm up about 10 pounds or so, and making decent gains with the weights thusfar. The best gains have easily been in my legs, as I've gained over an inch of width thigh level already.

That being said, I'm bloated like a puffer fish right now, complete with chipmunk cheeks and a nicely expanded waistline. The water retention is starting to become bothersome, and I think I'll begin using the bottle of liquid femara that I have available. What is a good dosing regimin to start out with on a moderate ph/ps cycle? I'm using superone+ at 7 squirts twice daily for what it's worth.

I've also noticed that yesterday my nipples were looking a little perkier than I would prefer, so I started dosing liquid nolvadex at 40 mg, and will continue at that dosage for a few days most likely. I've heard hear-say evidence on various boards that nolvadex and femara shouldn't be used in conjunction, does anybody know if that's true or not? If that is indeed the case, I will likely continue with the nolvadex for a day or so and then start on the femara after that. If there aren't any problems with using them at the same time, I'll likely start with the femara as soon as tomorrow to start knocking down some of the water retention.