Nolvadex lowers estrogen too much?

  1. Nolvadex lowers estrogen too much?

    I was talking to a guy in my local nutrition store about how I was thinkng about running at T1final cycle(4weeks) and using Nolva post cycle instead of 6oxo since i'll need nolva if gyno occurs anyway, mine as well just use it post cycle. He said that nolvadex is too strong and will lower estrogen way too much which in turn will lower testosterone and cause other problems. You guys think this is true and its better to only run nolva if you get gyno and use 6oxo post cycle or still recommened Nolvadex post cycle? Thanks

  2. I disagree that lowering estrogen lowers test, I think nolvadex will actually raise test or bring test back to normal levels (much like 6-oxo)

    ever considered the only fact he recommended 6-oxo over nolvadex, is because he can only sell you 6-oxo and not nolvadex?

  3. As far as I know, Nolvadex doesn't lower testosterone levels.

    Tom is probably right regarding an ulterior motive.

  4. Only real negative of nolva is that it can lower IGF-1. Still I find it superior to anything for post cycle. Also can improve cholesterol unlike most other anti-e's.

  5. I thought the same about the 6oxo, but he doesnt even carry it. He was basically saying if guys are using it after up to 1000mgs of real test/deca/etc.......its way too strong to use after a little ph cycle and can have negative effects.

  6. He's wrong. Nolva is a SERM which means it acts as an estrogen in some tissues (bone) and as an anti-e in others.

    Nolva will not lower test levels it raises them. When I used it my test levels almost doubled. Don't get to excited though, most of that test was probably bound.

    Post cycle it's very effective and safe for recovery.

    BTW, ask that putz how lowering estrogen lowers testosterone levels. The answer should be amusing.

  7. Bro 90% of the guys working in a nutrition store have no F%#$ clue. Seriously go talk to some of the people in GNC and ask them some questions. It's funny to hear them make the answers up.
    Although the other day when I was in there they convinced me I'm going to add 10lbs of muscle in 30days with Cell Tech I can't wait. LOL Later J

  8. I've heard that proviron does a really great job of freeing up bound testosterone. Maybe nolva+proviron, would be a fun experiment for an all natural bodybuilder to try. Wouldn't they still be natural if they used that combo?

    or is proviron considered a steroid?

  9. In my eyes proviron is def not a steriod, technically yes but come on. It's not going to blow you up thats for sure. It's best used for post cycle. If you wanna get technical birth control is a type of steriod. It's methylated in fact. Later J

  10. Proviron is a steroid.

    The effect you're looking for could be found with an anti-aromatase which unlike nolva would not increase SHBG.

    Ergopharm just released info on 6 oxo doing this, but you could use arimidex as well.

  11. I talked to him again today. Now he says he didnt mean to say it will lower test levels, but now he says that when your test levels are normal and you lower your estrogen levels below normal, the balance is off, therefore creating side effects, but he didnt exactly know what kind of side effects happened. He said there will be sexual side effects and acne though.

  12. It's possible, although post cycle you will be much more concerned about producing test on your own again.

    Libido issues wouldn't really occur unless you got rid of almost all of your estrogen. (not possible with nolva)


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