Long cycle!

  1. Long cycle!

    Allright guys, I know I'm going to take some crap for this but after you rip on me help me out. I'm currently in a cycle of 1-ad and 4-ad, when I started this cycle I was just messing around and took 200mg 1-ad a day and was getting good results, so I kept buying more and added the 4-ad in. The thing is I didn't want to crash in the summer and look and feel like crap, so I'm going to take it through the middle of September. Currently I'm taking 600mg 1-ad and 600mg 4-ad a day. When I'm done it will have been about a twelve week cycle.(yes twelve weeks) Six years ago was the last time I did AS and I have done a few PH cycles since then so I know what a crash can be like. I am just wondering what the best things to take to get my nads going ASAP would be, like Nolva, Clomid or 6-oxo? What would be good doses? Any other supplements to help out. Right at this moment I have 1 1/2 bottles 6-oxo, 1 bottle ZMA and 1 1/2 bottles Tribex 500. When I started the cycle I weighed 228 now I weigh 242 and been eating only about 2500 calories a day, my BF is about 8%. I have done better cycles, weighed 248 and benched 465 lbs. Natural body weight seemed to fluctuate between 228 and 232 and benched 435 lbs. I only started doing high dose about a week and a half ago. Thanks for any help guys.

    P.S. Sorry this was so long.

  2. Stick to 6-8 weeks tops, or you're just asking for problems. After 12 weeks, you may need to get your hands on some hcg for proper recovery. Not sure if you you have access to it, but that would do the trick.

    6-oxo didn't do much for me on its own, but worked very well when I used 600mg along with 20mg Nolva daily. Get some Nolva or Clomid. 6-oxo alone will do nothing after a 12 week shutdown. As long as you have it already, I'd throw it in anyway.

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