About nandrolone decanate

  1. About nandrolone decanate

    ok, im new at this and i have some questions, can anyone help me?
    Can nandrolone be drinked?
    and another question, whats the sublingual absortion of winny, i mean how do you do that?

    Ok, thx for your time

  2. Give us some stats: age, training experience, diet, etc.
    Read, research, and research some more.
    Ask questions if you need help.

    Can nandrolone be drinked?

    I don't think you would get very good results.

    whats the sublingual absortion of winny

    Some people drink winny, but I've never tried it.

  3. about me

    well, im 19, im on a 3000 kcal diet, i train martial arts and and compete on my own in long distance running.
    well im bulking cause we are in winter(im from chile), and im on a cycle, thats 500 mg of winny per week, the thing is that i couldnt inject myself last time, so i drank it, and it worked, but not as good as injecting it,(i dont know if nandrolon is a 17 alkaloid steroid, therefore, i dont know if it can be drinked), well, some guy tol me, that there was a way to use winny, with out injecting it or drink it, and thats the sublingal thing, that i want to know of,

    Ok, thx for the relply

  4. You really need to wait for a couple of years..

  5. I agree, at 19 you shouldn't be messing around with steroids, especially a winny only cycle...

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
    -Are you really ready for a cycle? Read this link and be honest:
    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*

  6. All oil and water based steroids need to be taken in intramuscularly. The steroid needs to enter the muscle and I doubt oral consumption carries any benefits. You have to go in for another hole in your ass if you are to experience any advantage.


  7. NicR--wait a litlle while

    RAy--"All oil and water based steroids need to be taken in intramuscularly"

    thats just not true-- you can drink winny, oil or water based variety. Further you can also drink liquid dbol, and i believe liquid anavar (which is rare but some UG grounds have been know to make it)

  8. You didn't mention anything about weight training.
    I recommend you start a solid lifting program, eat, and supplement properly for at least a couple of years Bro.
    At 19 you should have plenty of natural testosterone flowing through your body, and you can make plenty of size and strength gains without AAS.
    Not trying to lecture you but you run the risk of permanently damaging your endocrine system by using AAS now.

  9. Yeah, I looked around and there are some Winny liquid brands that are meant solely for oral consumption. Winny may be an exception. But I believe if the others were meant to be IM shots then their absorption rate might be somewhat low when consumed orally. I've never read or heard of anyone consuming Deca orally.

    Also I think injection bypasses most (all?) defense mechanisms the body has, and hence renders itself more efficient. Orals are effective, but perhaps not that effective. After all if it's an injection it's meant to be injected. If you are doing multiple injections then yes it does make sense to consume one of these orally, else I feel IM is the way to go.

  10. What happens is it does not make a double pass through the liver. I still goes though most of the major defense mechanisms of the body


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