running m-drol along w my test cyp cycle

  1. running m-drol along w my test cyp cycle

    I'm 4 weeks in my Test cycle and already I'm swelling up (gained 14 lbs) with water also gained some fat even though diet has been on point and clean carbs. Anyway, I can already tell there will be alot of weight gained in this bulk cycle and some shredding to do afterwords. I was considering adding in M-drol (superdrol clone) in the last 4 weeks of the cycle in an attempt to take advantage of the harding, vascular, and dieretic effects of the drug and still gain some lean mass. What are your thoughts on this? Any suggestions on how I could improve this?

  2. You know I've been thinking the same thing about a test-E/d-bol cycle i'm running in may. It seems like a brilliant idea to me super would dry you out a bit, not to mention the fact that it is a great lean mass builder. The only thing i'd think about if I were you is; maybe you should run the m-drol for 3 weeks instead of 4, because any gains tend to really slow down or stop after the first 3, and theres no need to stress your liver if you won't get anything out of it.

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