A catabolic Mess

  1. A catabolic Mess

    Wasn't sure where to post this...but since you boys are probably the most knowledagble...and i feel the most comfortable...

    Alright, here is the situation. Originally went to the Doc about 2 weeks ago to get a yearly physical and get the usual bloodwork done. Out of curiosity and some suspicions I had the doctor check a basic cortisol and testosterone (free and bound) as well.

    Note: I had been feeling a lot more tired of late, and my cutting plans seemed to not be progressing as smoothly as normal, so I had a few questions in my mind. I havent done any cycling since ending in June followed by 3 weeks of nolva and clen, and the last cycle I had done was only 4 weeks of t1pro at a moderate dosing.

    Well I got the initial test results back last wednesday, and while everything normal checked out perfectly, the test was significantly low and the cortisol very high. 2.2 (avg is around 2.5-8) and 28.1 (avg is I think 8-18) respectively.

    I went back in Monday and got everything retested, along with FSH, prolactin, LH, and a few others. Results came back today.
    FSH was normal
    prolactin was normal
    LH was a touch low but pretty normal.
    Doc wants me to see an endocriniologist (sp), which is what will eventually happen, but I am heading overseas first for 3 months.

    First, what can be causing this (delayed from t1pro??). Second, what can I do to alleviate the problems? I have noticed a significant strength and especially energy loss, and have stopped lifting all this week and only doing very low low intensity cardio. Any help would be great.

  2. Anyone...

  3. zma and cottage cheese before bed... i dunno

  4. Thanks....already doing that. Been loading up on vitamin c too.

  5. Could be several factors going on. Could be low testosterone due to delayed recovery. Could be low testosterone from dieting for prolonged peroid of time. Could be that you just need a rest after cycling with this and that for a year along w/ numerous supps and diets. COuld be a million things but it all sounds like just plain low test production. Until you can find the symptom of the problem its tough to recommend a course of action. Like most things, time could be your best best unless their is a medical condition involved. I would just continue to do what your doing. I would stay away from stimulants or anything of the sort and focus on training and diet. I'm going through a similar condition after going through several cycles for prolonged peroids of time along with dieting and/or bulking. I just didn't feel right and after taking the last month off and focusing on eating right and not overtraining I'm starting to feel better. Sometimes your body just needs a rest from the cycling, supps and constant training. I would still continue some sort of resitance training (3x a week max) and maybe cardio once or twice but you should still see a doctor just to make sure its not a medical condition.
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  6. Thanks Bobo...your advice is always appreciated and right on. Do you think it might be a good idea to at least take a week or two off of training. I havent done a good break in a while anwyays. Also, anything you can think of to help boost it naturally? The doc wants me to see an endo, but since that inst happening until december its a good deal away. Any diet changes? Ive stopped cutting, and eating clean but a good balance...40/30/30 ish.

  7. Bsically what I've done is cut cardio, eat a 40/40/20 diet and just do resistance training 3-4 times a week but no more than 45 minutes each time. Natural things such as flax and zinc could help stabilize normal levels and just be sure to take your multi. Those are the only things I'm taking right now. I did take about a 2 week break where I only trained twice (was vacation) so you could just take a break from everything if you like. I find myself slowly feeling much better. I didn't feel that bad before but just didn't feel right and was moody and tired for most of the time. I felt I just needed a break from all the supps and cycles and I tihnk I was right. I'm starting to feel much better and really havne't lost anything or gained any significant amount of fat. That makes you feel even better

    Sometimes time is your best friend when it comes to these things...
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  8. Thanks again. Like you said, Time often is the best friend. Im taking this week off from all resistance training, next week will be hectic so I will train when I can...and then go from there. Ill keep the training short and heavy, and make sure my cardio is moderated. Flax and zinc are there, every day.

  9. Good luck bro, hope everything works out.
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