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  1. Originally posted by mauibuilt
    yes, you are correct, it is the dione version. Correct me if I am wrong, the capped version was also a dione?

    As for using nolva and clomid both PCT, you could, but you don't need it.

    As for the creatine, I've read somewhere that PH/AAS work well in conjunction with taking creatine, so its your choice. v12 will not give you bloat so good decision on that creatine for your goals. If it were me personally, i'd take the V12 post cycle. Instead of taking the v12, save yourself the stomach and take a protein shake instead.
    what about the aromatization of the (dione version) or is it insignificant in the whole scheme of the stack, what i mean is it even enought to nitice anything?

    as for PCT, i will just go with clomid, for the 3 weeks, i might run the nolva for the first week, day 1 40mg/day, days 2-7 20 mg/day, just to be safe, but nothing enxtrenous, because my cycle length will be appr. 48 days. as for the clomid do you take one dose of that or do you split doses?  what about nolva?

    maui- i was thinking the same thing about the v-12, i think i am going to save it for post cycle, to retain my gains, also i think i will be using FL7 post cycle as well to limit fat gain off cycle, because my cals will still be high, what do you think aboiut that?

    then, on cycle, will just be protein and a multi.

    then, 6 weeks after PCT, i will go into my cutting cycle, if you want to talk abotu that also, just let meknow?

    well thanks for all the help both you guys, you have seriously enlightened me in the subject of PH's.. i thank you...keep the thread going...

  2. Originally posted by mauibuilt
    Correct me if I am wrong, the capped version was also a dione?
    BDC was selling the diol version (the only place I ever saw it). There are quite a few companies selling the dione version capped. Examples would be:
    * 1fast400 has the dione under their own label
    * many internet stores sell Molecular Nutrition's Boldione (1,4 dione).

    Originally posted by ckoch1722
    what about the aromatization of the (dione version) or is it insignificant in the whole scheme of the stack, what i mean is it even enought to nitice anything?
    I can't put my finger on it, but I know I've read about aromatization being insignificant from Molecular Nutrition's Bill L (can't remember how to spell his last name). Do a search on here or, or you could go to Molecular Nutrition's website.


  3. From what I read a long while ago, the 1,4 dione version converts very well.

    Don't worry about it, if everyones seeing good gains off of it and with little to estrogen related sides, listen to everyone else.

  4. ok guys, well, i sat up all last night and did alot more research, and had a long conversation with civsi44, who is also looking to do the same kind of cycle, i want to do.

    i was looking at's webpage and saw a products that they have that is 4g 1-test, 6g 4AD, 4g Nordiol, which is 133.3mg/day, 200mg/day, 133.3mg/day, respectively, and i thought this was pretty interesting, since this was 3 of the 4 products that i was looking at using during my cycle, so i thought i would alter the formula a little.

    i will use a 240mL T-Gel bottle, and add 6g 1-test, 3g, 4AD, 6g Nordiol, which works out to 200mg/day, 100mg/day, 200mg/day, respectively?  what do you guys think of this recipe?

    Also, i think i will do a 4on-4off-4on with this stack, because it has the possiblitiy to be very lethagic, how do you guys feel about that?

    also, would there be any advantages to adding either the (dione) or (diol) versions of 1,4 andro to this stack?  btw i have found both versions, the dione in powder form and the diol in pill/capsule form.


    i think this could possibly be the best stack for me, but i am leaving this question to you guys, to rate the stack if you will, thank you, for all the help previously, and hopefully in the future...


  5. Nordiol i think may be the only thing you're running short, the 1-test to 4-ad ration looks good for nice lean gains, but to be honest there really isn't a huge amount of info out about nordiol so you could be running a perfect amount or you could be running too little, hard to say.

    As for the 1,4 diol versus dione, I'd go with what was cheaper Anyone seen a conversion comparison chart on these two? That'd help you make your mind on that bro.

  6. By the way, that type of cycle has teh potential to shut you down pretty hard. Both 1-test and nandrolone (which nordiol converts to) and your dose of 4-ad is pretty low.


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