1. Hydroxy-Nandrolone

    I was thinking of bringing this to market, but ofcourse, one of the obstacles is money. If I were to charge $10 per gram, it would still be less profitable than 4AD at $1 per gram. Also, I do not know if would be any good as a muscle builder as there is only 1 pubmed articel on it. So I was wondering your thoughts on this. Do you think there would be a decent demand for it? Also, anybody have anythoughts on the substance itself? Any thoughts welcomed.

  2. Aside from any questions of efficacy of the compund, doesn't seem worth the investment to me...much cheaper alternatives for consumers....mainly experimental users would be the audience I'd think, unless you employ a nasty ad campaiign ala VPX

  3. I'd be a nice experiment to try, but would it even be legal to bring to market???

  4. it would be legal through one of the so called "loopholes", that hydroxytest and 1test escaped through. Custom, I wa als thinking about bringing this out but I was waiting to see how CSS and Promatrix products were selling. I think (from my feedback) if either of us can bring it out with and effective delivery system at a reasonable price, it would be worth it. I was thinking of brewing up a transdermal with the few grams I have now of it. I think it would be a good investment in my opinion, once word catches on.

  5. Where would one find the raw materials for this ? I'm assuming china...

  6. yep, china is the only place for the raws, I got a few grams of this from a private source. Im thinking of making a transdermal, but I would really like to look into coming out with an oral. Anyone have any suggestions.

  7. An oral would have to be 17 alpha alkylated, which is very hard on the liver.

    I would rather buy the powder and make a transdermal.

  8. Some dude is asking about this on the board at bb.com

  9. bought to buy the promatrix version but would rather rub the shhit on


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