clomid while doing PH cycle -

clomid while doing PH cycle

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    clomid while doing PH cycle

    I am currently doing a PH cycle 1-test and cutting. I have noticed a little a little fullness in my chest around my nipples. My question is this:

    Should I use clomid (I have 3 bottles already) ?

    If so how much and for how long ?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Nah, I wouldn't worry about gyno, you're not even using 4ad and its only a PH cycle, unless you've been "on" for a long time, when I mean long, I mean 8+ weeks. Clomid will just halt your me, during everyones cycle we experience puffyness by the nips. It goes away post cycle. If you are scared about gyno, I'd go with nolva instead of clomid.

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