Stocking ph's

  1. Stocking ph's

    I know theirs plenty of stockers out there.What do ya'll do for storage and why.I know some do the freezer,but that seems odd to me.I had mine in the cabinet above my fridge,but moved them to my closet because of the heat the fridge puts off.Obvisouly it turns on and off,so the "climate" is constantly changing a little.So what do you guys do with yours?I'll probably stick with the closet,just hoping someone will have a good idea.

  2. vacuum seal then toss it in the freezer depends on the exp date

  3. That just seems odd to me.I did hear that havoc/epistane will actually lose potency when in the freezer.It seems the temperature change would cause condensation.Plus don't things like this(pills,medication)tell you to store at moderate temps?Not too cold or hot.

  4. you could also use a dry , dark place out of the reach of kids to store your stuff. i woulnt freeze havoc i would pop them pill intead of storing them lol

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