How to avoid an abscess or an infection

  1. How to avoid an abscess or an infection

    Lately I've been reading about many users of AAS injecting and posting "I've just aspirated 4cc of puss" or "I have an infection the size of a golf ball".

    So, this thread should be focused on all ways, techniques, sterilization/sanitary issues, and ways to avoid infections and abscesses, so the number of infections and abcesses can be reduced.

    Please everyone post your advice!

  2. BTW, I know you can search and find this info on the boards, but I felt it should be made easily and accessable and convenient since this is an important issue.

  3. I'll start off with a simple yet overlooked part of the injection process. Always wash your hands beforehand. Right before your hands touch the syringe scrub those crusy mits down with some soap and water. Later J

  4. This is what i do, take needle out of wrapper, unscrewing the needle that came with the syringe leaving it in the package. Grab a 20ga and screw the syringe into it. Wipe lid of vial with alcohol swab then immediately piece and draw up liquid. Unscrew needle and put original back onto syringe. Wipe area you want to inject well with new alcohol swab, and then immediately proceed to uncap needle and pierce muscle.

    If your gear is clean (which i know mine is as i make it myself and know what's in it and how it was filtered and baked) then i see no reason at all to ever get a infection following the above steps.

  5. Make sure you clean the tops of the vials before you start. BTW, Chemo started this exact same tread not long ago..

  6. here's a few that are mostly common sense buy anyways, here:
    1. use a clean needle everytime. never re-use a needle (you're not a heroin addict)
    2. never touch the needle with anything but it's cap and your ass.
    3. clean the skin with a alcohol swab before sticking.
    4. clean the top of the bottle before sticking needle into it.

    that's all I can think of now.

  7. aha! seen chemos thread he started also, similar but different. his is how to take care of an abscess, this is how to prevent.

    they mentioned z-pak that zithromax?

  8. ask jarconis, i know he got some....

  9. Yes Maui

  10. this is correct, handy lil buggers those z-paks are. Ya take em for 5 days straight at 2 pills 1 1 1 , and the medication is in your system for 2 weeks.

  11. yes everyon should stock zpacks befor you start you cycle...I have to use it 2 time on my last cycle.......twas a long cycle

  12. is it OTC?

  13. Nope scrip or at least any I have gotten


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