Liquid Nolva Tastes Horrible!!!!

  1. Unhappy Liquid Nolva Tastes Horrible!!!!

    Jesus Christ, does Liquid Nolva taste horrible!!! I'm writing this ten minutes and 2 glasses of water after having taken 2ml's of nolva with an oral syringe and I still feel like I want to throw up.!! It's hard to understand how something can possibly taste this bad.!! Just thought I'd share. Cheers, Brendan.

  2. I actually like it :-) the numbing is kinda cool.

  3. Squirt it at the back of your throat and chase it with a tall glass of orange juice.

  4. add it to a oj or diet 7-up

  5. Two words: Lion Nutrition

  6. if u think thats bad..dont take clomid..lion nutrition would be a step up for taste and chemo backs them ..sounds win win..little extra but lab assayed

  7. One word: *****

  8. lmoa weave

  9. just shoot it down the back of your throat and chase it with cold water. The benefits of using it far outweigh the taste, just ignore it.

  10. How about tequila?

  11. how about no. alcohol is one of the worse things to take while PCT. I'm assuming you'd need atleast a shot to chase it...sooo a shot 21 straight days PCT, thats healthy.

  12. u do know that the nolva is dissolved in alcohol..right?

  13. Yes, that was a joke. I don't like the taste of alcohol like straight martini etc.

  14. In all seriousness I just shoot it down the back of my throat also and have a chaser ready if you need it.

    Also, pull up your skirt and quit acting like a girl

  15. Get some empty gel-caps from vitamin world.

  16. Originally posted by T-Bar
    Get some empty gel-caps from vitamin world.
    Which Vitamin World do you shop at?

    Looks like I gotta make an order in the morning..

    Here, I took one for the team, so can you!;thread****4517

  17. Yeah, I was just surprised at how bad it tasted, I mean I've had grain alcohol that went down easier. I'll certainly finish it up over the next month. It actually tastes kind of good mixed with orange V-12. Anyways, thanks for your tips. I hope everyone has a good weekend. Brendan.


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