trouble busting a nut on cycle?

  1. trouble busting a nut on cycle?

    So i was banging my girl for a good 6 rounds over 3-4 hours (whew cardio!) anyway she feels bad because i never came. I told her it wasnt her and that she felt good but i just couldnt cum. Im 6 week of test deca cycle, ran into problems with flare ups so im taking nolva 20mg and 1mg adex along with 25mg proviron. Im wondering if you guys have this problem too....last time i busted a nut was the day before. Is it psychological or could it be because im experiencing some testicular atrophy that im not making much sperm to shoot? Any body have the same problem. It feels like i have blue balls man!!! **** it sucks. what gives bros?

  2. maybe banging the wrong gender ? lol. j/k

  3. Its the deca.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by FrankJ View Post
    Its the deca.
    is it? i mean i can get it up and i can keep it going fine.........

  5. That happened to me on superdrol and a pp/epi pulse cycle. It was really really hard to nut.....the superdrol was the worst. After i came off the cycle i was able to nut fine. With the pulse though it took months to recover. I finally got some proviron and that helped with libido issues. I took 50mg ed. You may want to bump your proviron up. I also felt that i wasn't as sensitive as I used to be. With deca though you run into prolactin issues. maybe some dostinex or cabergoline will help. I would continue to run the proviron at 50mg ed then add some caber in there. I'm not sure of the dose as i have never run caber before but i have done some research about it i know you dose it like every 3 days maybe 1mg?



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