So does anybody sell custom transdermals pre-mixed?

  1. So does anybody sell custom transdermals pre-mixed?

    I'm just curious....I suppose I should just do it myself, but it's my understanding that the NEW T-gel isn't available yet and the Avant Labs product is a lot more expensive and maybe not any better.

    Is there any place I can make a custom order, say, 5g 3-Alpha, 5G 1,4-andro, and 5g 4-ad....and have that all mixed up for me?

    Of course, I might also go with the idea that Scorpio used about putting each different ph in a seperate bottle so he can change dosages if he needs to....

  2. bump, i was also wondering if you could do that.

  3. BIG BUMP!!! I want the new gel w/ 12 grams each of Nor!!!

  4. We are all waiting on the new formula. Be sure BDC will give give us some type of feedback soon, when he gets his stuff together.

    Soup, I know Kitchen Chem has sold some in the past, if I'm not mistaken. If you want something custom, like you mentioned above, you'll prolly have to do it your self. It's really not that hard. Just do a bit more reading, research and ask plenty of questions. We will be glad to help out. Plus you'll be saving $$, when you make your own.

  5. someone will offer these, pretty soon...

  6. doesn't anybody know a good source in europe?

    i'm from holland myself, but haven't found any place to order the stuff at

  7. within the next few weeks I will be doing custom formulas, I have a large supply of bulk PHs just sitting here so figure I may as well do somethig with them. Soupbone, I dont have any of the 3alpha, but I do have the 3beta.....I couldnt sell the 3alpha in a formula anyway as Bill has the patent...I believe he said somewhere that it is ok to sell as a bulk powder but not in a product.
    Anyone that wants any formulas PMme.

  8. Chemo is making us a thinner version of T-Gel in the new formula for just such a use. It should be here today actually.


  9. edog, any time frame when the new gel will be avalable for sale? Cost? That would really help me out.

  10. It should be here today as I said. I will set pricing when I get my costs.


  11. Originally posted by
    Chemo is making us a thinner version of T-Gel in the new formula for just such a use. It should be here today actually.

    Wait, I'm confused. You can't use the old T-gel to make homebrews? It's too thick?

  12. I am just saying, I don't know how anyone used it for such a purpose without having a mechanical mixer to do the job. If someone knows better, please enlighten me.


  13. I would think the only chance people would stand at adding in additional powder to an already gelled mix is by heating in a warm water bath followed by lots of shaking and perhaps a few repeats on this process.

  14. I had thought about homebrewing, but the thing is that I really want to isolate my variables. I have done one ph cycle and it didn't do shiit for me....and I'm damn sure I understand my body's response in the training and nutrition areas.

    The cycle I did was 1-TU, which I'm told is vastly inferior to a good transdermal. So I want to do something that I know others have had some success with. I don't mind playing with the formula just a little bit, but I don't want to risk botching the homebrew formula myself.

    I'm still not sure what the hell I want to do. I've got an athletic competition on September 13th, but I might try to have my ducks in a row by soon after that to start a cycle. nsruffryder, I may be PM'ing you....not sure yet whether I just want to do something like a t-1 pro, the LGP formulation, or a custom. The thing that appeals to me with a custom is that I'm a little nervous about 1-test. I know it causes powerful lethargy and I think I got a little bit of depression from the 1-TU.

  15. Bump on the suggestion of heating the gel and shaking afterwards. I had a bottle of one+ on hand that I added about 3 grams or so of 1-test powder to it using this method. I simply boiled some water in an electric kettle and filled up a pot using this water. Once it was full I placed the one+ bottle in the water to heat it up for several minutes. I would add the powder a small amount at a time and shake the hell out of it for several minutes, then returning it to the water for more heating. I've been using the resultant mix for the last few weeks, and as far as I can see the extra powder dissolved fully in the gel. It burns like a mofo just like the bottle of superone+ I used previously, so I think all is well as far as mixing went.

  16. Bro,

    One+ is like ****ing water... Great for mixing PH, but horrible when it splashes in your eyes...

    If you have ever seen T-Gel, you would know it is too thick to throw in powder and shake. Nice product if the hormone is premixed, but as for adding your own, I say forget it. What a mess...

    That being said, dermals are superior to things like 1-TU cuz the intestinal absorbtion is so varied where skin is fairly constant.

    1-Test is the best product you can buy legally, no doubt (for a little while anyway). HydroxyTest is a great addition IMHO (why do you think I added it). HydroxyTest should help with the lethargy along with the 4-AD which is a far inferior compound but still useful...


  17. I was able to mix 13-14 grams of 4-AD in my T-gel w/ no problem. So, I don't see what the deal is.

    Anyhow, Edog, How did your cycle of the 19Nor cyp injects workout?
    details? I had bumped up the thread here a couple days ago, but guessed you missed it.

    Is it worth it for the cost?

  18. Sorry I missed your thread. Ok, well fair enough on mixing the powder into the gel. Different hormones disolve very differently. 1-Test is tough, 4-AD is nice, Nordiol is nice depending on the source and OH-Test is usually really good. A lot of the 4-AD that is out now is really nice compared ot 1-Test for example. The current crop of 4-AD powder is nicely milled which helps the mix. 1-Test is a crap shoot on what you get. The OH-Test we sell is nicely milled too and mixes well. Try it in a little alcohol like I said.

    The Nordiol Cyps are onyl good for a 3 on 2 off cycle IMHO. They peter out after 2-3 weeks due to enzyme depletion it seems. They are useful if you cycle them correctly though and good gains can be made, but you can't do a straight 8-10 week cycle. I wish it wasn't the case, but I frontloaded and kept using high dosages cuz I have so much of it around. It did about the same as my 600mg 4-AD Cyp cycle, three weeks of nice solid gains and then nothing. I wish I could tell you it ROCKED, but it didn't. As I said though it could make a great year round roid, kind of like the old T-Mag never ending cycle article.


  19. Sweet, thx bro. Apprec. your honesty, bummer.

    Btw, your right on the 4-AD powders. Some of the latest ones that I have got and my friends, have been pretty fine-textured. It's like you can make it disappear if you were to hold it between your fingers for a couple minutes. But if it sits around and dries up a bit, it seems like the granules get bigger or thicker, kinda hard to explain.

  20. Bummer is right... I was totally amped about the 4AD/Nordiol Cypionates being effective on their own. I am working on another little project though that might be a lot better.



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