the cause of increase's in appetite with B12

  1. the cause of increase's in appetite with B12

    Hi everyone Lately Iíve been asked for info on the increase of appetite caused by Injectable Vitamin B12

    ((((((((((( not everyone will see an increase in appetite B12 is not magic))))))))

    There are 2 reasons for the increase in appetite

    1)B12 is need to metabolize proteins .By bringing the levels up in the body many people see and increased metabolic rate ÖÖthe body starts burning calories more efficient this translates to an spike in energy levels .The body burns up calories and desires to keep running at the high anabolic rate. To do this it creates cravings to obtain nutrients. And now you are hungry

    2)The body likes to have a balance in the B vitamins. Ok by creating an imbalance in the B vitamins you cause the body to create cravings for nutrients to balance the b vitamins. This makes you hungry

    B12 has very low toxicity and high intakes are not thought to be dangerous

    1000mcg a day what most people find works best

  2. I have B12 pills that are 2500mcg/pill. I usually take 1/day. So, it would be ok, to take another? Should I split up the dose, or at the same time?

    People say that your body can't absorb the orals as much and make it not worthwhile, whatever. I just want to know if it will be too much.

  3. b12 taken oraly is destroyed threw digestion will need to take 10 to get the desired effect if even then .....the problem is that the body see it in the stomac and thinks it has what it needs and then doesn't absorb it in the intestins

  4. hmm...ok, I didn't know it was that much of of a difference.

    When injecting it, must it go intraveinously(sp), or intramuscular?

    Intramuscular is one thing, but I couldn't get up the balls to do it the other.

  5. dont go IV. intramuscular is the way to go, but ive heard you can do SQ (just under the skin)

  6. For those not wanting to inject B12, it appears an intranasal spray has been developed although I can't locate a source.

    Newsline People AIDS Coalit N Y. 1998 Jan;:30. Related Articles, Links

    B12 by nose instead of by needle.

    [No authors listed]

    AIDS: AIDS patients are vulnerable to B12 deficiencies and some have countered malabsorption with regular B12 injections. A new gel has been developed for intranasal administration and is available by prescription. Nascobal (cyanocobalamin, USP) is administered into one nostril weekly and sustains a more consistent blood level of the vitamin than monthly injections.

    Publication Types:
    Newspaper Article

    PMID: 11367436 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]


    Here is also a reference to using DMSO with B12 for transdermal absorption.

  7. Ok, I just found a source for the Nascobal but it is extremely pricey. In comparison buyb12's prices are far cheaper.

  8. Originally posted by drmt
    Ok, I just found a source for the Nascobal but it is extremely pricey. In comparison buyb12's prices are far cheaper.
    Care to post or PM the link?

    EDIT: Oh, nevermind, I thought it was OTC.

  9. I'll post the link if a mod says it's allowed. I just used google though.

  10. so whats B12 specifically do anyways?

  11. Originally posted by drmt
    I'll post the link if a mod says it's allowed. I just used google though.
    nah, don't worry about it bro. It's irrelevant anyhow since its prescription.

    Anybody know about the liquid sublinguals? Any better than oral tabs? The tabs I have say they are sublingual, but can also be swallowed. But, the thing would take 2 hours to dissolve, and I'd probably barf before then.

  12. b12 is painless it mixes with anything ...I go sub-q with a slin pin when not on cycle and just mix it in with my daily shot when on cycle......

  13. Buyb12 what do you think about the sublingual versions of b12 as Jergo mentioned. Any better absorption there? Ive got some of it myself and was curious...

  14. I havn't researched sublingual b12 but I imagine the absorption rate is very low ...........

  15. I walked into GNC today and decided to take a look at their B12 products. I thought wtf, and bought up some liquid B12. I can tell you that I noticed a DRAMATIC increase in appetite today. I took 2 droppers full, which would be 2000mcg. Definately more noticed than the tablets. Cost $10 though.

  16. glade to hear it worked for you ......keep with it. you will see an increase in energy and metabolic rate too

  17. Somebody please point me towards where I learn about how B12 specifically effects the body, and the effects of an oral vs injectable, ect.

    I'm cutting, would this be useful at all?


  18. go read the articles on our site articles

  19. Great thread !

  20. I have used B12 for sometime now with great success. I go sub-q with no problems. I've heard the sublingual is good, but haven't tried it yet. I wouldn't even consider taking in as much protein as I do without it. I can tell that I utilize more of the protein I eat when I'm taking B12. I just go to the local, homeowned pharmacy and he sells it to me for five bucks as opposed to the usual thirty on the net. For anyone who want to get the most from their protein, I consider it a must. But buyb12 is right, it doesn't work as well for everyone. I know several who said they couldn't tell any difference. I believe this is due to one of two things. (1) It truly doesn't work for them, or (2) They don't know their bodies well enough to be able to tell it's working.


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