1. Post M1T AND BULk TABS.brother of MASS TABS CYCLE?


  2. no pct ? do you have tamoxifene in hand ?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by JOHNJESSICA20 View Post
    Does anyone think this is a good stack or should i jus use the bulk tabs l also have the post cycle tabs from IDS also for my pct i got enough of the bulk tab's for a 4week cycle an a 2week cycle of m1t..week 1 10mg a day the week 2 30mg's a day..i would have had 4 week cycle but fudged up an took 2 weeks worth then had to stop working out so lost all gain did no pct but only negative thing have to say about it is it hurt my kidneys hard core for a week afterward.....please help any an all info is needed please help..thanks
    What's your stats? Age/experience/etc?

  4. lol you have some reading to do.

    IDS pct tabs=waste of money

  5. im 6'1 157 pounds 29 years ..last time i worked out got 2 175 with decent muscle ,ive worked out off an on for last five years...why is the pct by ids a bad idea..only things i have on hand are what i mentioned



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