Homebrew Test Transdermal Question?

  1. Homebrew Test Transdermal Question?

    A couple months ago I converted syno and added the test no ester to Avants gel. I used it for 5 weeks and only gained 5 pounds. I used 400mg a day and at 20% absorption thatís 560mg of test a week. I got much better results with trans 4-AD. I looked at the gel and it didnít look like the test dissolved very well. This makes me think hardly any of the test was going through my skin because it didnít dissolve in the gel.
    Dose anyone know how to make a alcohol based carrier? I think alcohol might dissolve the test better.

  2. the avant gel is alchol based

  3. The "classic" recipe for 240 ml of the transdermal carrier to dissolve approximately 12 grams of androgen powder in the mixture below:

    40% ISO is 96ml

    15% IPP is 36ml

    15% IPM is 36ml

    10% OA is 24ml

    10% PG is 24ml

    10% DMSO is 24ml

    All of these solvents can be purchased at www.lemelange.com in the bodybuiling section.

  4. Using the above recipe (but 30% ipm no ipp) i've gotten ten grams to dissolve no problem. Haven't gone any higher so can't comment on that.
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    when i did my 4 ad cycle, i used tgel. All 12 grams dissolved easily in the heated dmso only...then just add that to the gel. Bottomline...mix the powder in the dmso before putting it in the gel.



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