Hello, I am mid way through my PCT of a H-Drol/Furazadrol stack and all is going well, blood tests were good and will probably get them done again after PCT. Sides were very minimal.

Here is how this cycle went:
Week 1: Furaz 150mg (3 pills a day x 7 = 21 pills furaz)
Week 2: H-Drol 50mg/Furaz 150mg (21 pills furaz)
Week 3: H-Drol 50mg/Furaz 200mg (28 pills furaz)
Week 4: H-Drol 50mg/Furaz 200mg (28 pills furaz)
Week 5: H-Drol 50mg/Furaz 150mg (21 pills furaz)

Week 1: Inhibit-E 75mg (1 pill morning, mid day, night)/Hypertest 4 Caps (2 am, 2 pm))
Week 2: Inhibit-E 50mg/Hypertest 4 Caps/
Week 3: Inhibit-E 50mg/Hypertest 4 Caps/Lean Xtreme 2 Caps (1 Morning, 1 4 hours later)
Week 4: Inhibit-E 25mg/Hypertest 4 Caps (2 am, 2 pm)/Lean Xtreme 2 Caps (1 morning, 1 4 hours later)
Week 5: Lean Xtreme 3 Caps
Week 6: Lean Xtreme 3 Caps

Plus other usual support supps...Cycle support, etc...

My goals will be similar to my h-drol/furaz stack...Lean out while gaining modest amount of muscle.

I am working on researching for my next cycle probably sometime mid summer and was thinking of trying Epistane. I will probably run this solo since I plan on using Nolva which from the places I found can be quite pricey along with the other support sups and pct supps I'll add to it. I was thinking of adding Furazadrol to this Epistane stack, but considering how I would want to run Furazadrol after my previous cycle I would need 3 bottles which would be pricey with the Epistane/Nolva/Support Sups. Is epistane solo good for my goal?

Another option I am looking at is running H-Drol for 6 weeks instead of 4 weeks. This might be my cheapest option and my PCT would probably be Lean Xtreme/Inhibit E/Hypertest, if that is sufficient enough?

And finally maybe just running the cycle like I did but running the Furazadrol higher which would require 3 bottles Furaz and 1 bottle H-Drol.

I feel as I could definitely handle more and Furaz would be ran like this:
Week 1: 250mg
Week 2: 300
Week 3:300
Week 4: 250

Any suggestions? I know I have some more research to do but would like to hear from anybody that has maybe tried any of these or has any input.