Universal's Animal Test

  1. Universal's Animal Test

    this new goodie was brought out in the open market 3 weeks ago in usa, still 2 to 4 weeks to wait for me in holland before i can buy it.

    here's the ingredient list:

    so, what do you animals think? is it worth the buy? or will it have no effect?

  2. Probably pretty worthless get a transdermal for less money and better results.

  3. yeah Universal Nutrition sent me a letter advertising this...it looks OK on paper but I would suggest a trans-d or better yet, **** just get some gear....

  4. i can't take a lot of pills.
    but universal products worked for my friend, and when i tried to "be a man" and take all those pills, i was getting results...but then i panied out and stopped taking the stuff.
    give it a shot if u want...
    does look okay on paper.

  5. the thing is, it will take 2 up to 4 weeks before it reaches holland, since i go the the "supplement" store around the corner alot, the owner asked me if i might be interested when this stuff comes in.

    surely i'm going to try it. but i want to hear some opinions about the thing universal has produced (any supp i tried from them was top class. so i think this will aswell)



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