1. Sterilizing...?

    Hey all... Just a few things i was wondering about and i hoped that you all could give me an idea as to what the answers would be,,,

    I have a possible source for some "Stealth" Injectibles (i.e. products comes descretely packaged as something completely different). You may or may not have heard of them, but apparently its becoming MUCH more common and there are brands that are pretty well documented and legit. The only thing is, these packages tend to come in either 3ml or 5ml satchets, all of which is to be drawn at the same time.

    My question is, how would one safely and cleanly (i.e. sterile environment) keep the additional product? Possibly put into a old Multi-Dose bottle that you've used before? Or would that be terribly unsterile?

    Could one place in a container of sorts and bake it to sterilize it? Also, if none of the above was possible, and say you pulled 3ml of the fluid from the satchet, injected 1ml and are left with 2ml in the syringe, what is to be done with it? Place (as i said before) in a used multi-dose bottle? Possibly keep inside of the syringe and merely replace the needle when going to inject again...?

    Anyways... hope that wasnt to confusing... If anyone has had any experience or valid ideas as to the above, i would greatly appreciate some feedback. Thanks again, and i look forward to hearing back as to what you all have to say...

  2. agreed... and i did happen to read about them being stored that way.... But it just didnt seem nearly as sterile to pull all 3ml from the satchet, use 1ml, then leave the rest in the syringe for another time. Thats nearly 1.5 weeks that some of that oil is sitting in there....

    Hmm... thank for the response though... I appreciate the feedback! Anyone else?

  3. draw it out of the sachet and put it into a NEW STERILE VIAL.
    store in there. if you need a site to get vials from u can pm me.

  4. You can get a whatman filter in a very small size...if you are very paranoid and run your oil through that before you inject!

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