Frontloading with 1-AD?

  1. Frontloading with 1-AD?

    I am starting my LGP Hydroxytest cycle tomorrow, and I have a little over 1 bottle of 1-ad left, and was wondering if it would be beneficial to megadose it for a week or so to get the 1-test flowing in the body and to create a boost in the cycle starts, wondering what you guys thought of this and if u would run a 4week or 6 week cycle of Hydroxytest

  2. 6 week swould of course be better with proper recovery and I like an oral frontload to get results quicker. Just watch the sides.

  3. what dosage would you frontload the 1-ad with? I'm going to do 1 1/2 squirts of Hydroxytest twice a day with Nolva post cycle btw.

  4. You There Maggmaster?



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