1. resveratrol...

    is this the same kind that is used in dermacrine sustain for post cycle therapy?

  2. I don't think you can link that in your post. They don't sponsor here, so no freebies for them

    Anyway, when you see Resveratrol it's typically the trans version, unless explicitly noted otherwise (cis res is the other form, but it's less stable) I would venture to say yes. Crowler found sent me some interesting info Trans Res today from Pub Med. It looks to be very promising.
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  3. I'm winding down a very long, successful Superdrol pulse (4 months, 20+ lbs -- don't judge), and I'm gonna try to get by with Ergo's 6oxoExtreme as my PCT. It has both an AI (6oxo) and a SERM (resveratrol). If I need to use a more traditional "research" SERM, I will. But I frankly don't think I'm very shutdown, because of my odd method of pulsing (3 consecutive days on, followed by 4 consecutive days off; with some low-dose, 2on/5off weeks in the middle). My nuts haven't shrunk, and I'm actually hornier than normal (I'm 46). I attribute this to the constant HPTA "bounceback" on my 4 off days every week. I'm also hoping this will minimize my risk for delayed gyno. We'll see...
    [PS: I've been very careful with my support supps, and I'm kicking ass on cardio, but I'm still afraid to see my liver/lipid levels. I'm not dead, so that's a plus.]

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    I'm winding down a very long, successful Superdrol pulse (4 months, 20+ lbs -- don't judge), ]

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    You're judging...

  6. lol

    are you getting bloodwork done?

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    are you getting bloodwork done?
    Like I just posted in the pulse thread, I don't intend to get bloodwork done until after a couple "clean" months. I'm willing to concede that my liver and lipid values are probably jacked up right now, just like everyone who's ever come off a Superdrol cycle. Now if they're still jacked up in a few months, then I'll start to worry. And you guys will be the first to know.

  8. Congratulations on your gains! I hope you retain most if not all of it and that your bloodwork results are good.


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