liquid nolvadex

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  1. liquid nolvadex

    i am about to start my post cycle therapy and i am wondering if you can mix your dose of liqua nolvadex with some juice or your protein drink or something to combat the horrible taste.....


  2. Yup.  Should not be a poroblem.

  3. Orange juice works great for me. I sip one glass and that usually does the trick.

  4. OJ is the way to go... can barly taste the Nolvadex

  5. thanks guys...OJ all the way....

  6. Bro DON"T USE OJ. You have to take the Nolva straight. The acidic properties in orange juice destroy it's ability to block estrogen from binding to the receptor. I almost believed that myself later J

  7. ok that was the most horrible experience of my life....

    i really need to know if you can take it with OJ or any other drink...

    i was closer to puking after taking some of that straight than i am after some 151 j/k

    i can't take that..not for 4 weeks..

  8. experiment now that you know what you are in for.. LOL..
    OJ was okay.. but I have hear grape juice does good also..

  9. Bro go ahead and mix it with something, I use grape juice. In the above post I was just messin around. But now you know the awful taste that is nolva . Just mix it and your good to go. Later J

  10. Bump on the OJ. The rancid taste is barely detectable when mixed in 4 oz of OJ.

    I tried Crystal lite, lemonade, diet muntain dew, & a protein shake. The nolva taste is still bad enough to make me gag mixed with all those. I even put it in a myoplex shake once, don't try that unless you like forcefeeding chunky liquid that tastes like rotten garbage.

  11. Use soft gel caps...I couldn't stand the liquid clomid. After two night I made sure to fix something.

    Now I just fill up the caps and swallow. Easy as pie.

  12. I don't mix it in OJ. I take a sip of OJ and immediately shoot the clo/nolva to the back of my throat and swallow fast. I then sip the rest of the glass of OJ over the next 5-10 minutes.

  13. Originally posted by jminis
    Bro go ahead and mix it with something, I use grape juice. In the above post I was just messin around. But now you know the awful taste that is nolva . Just mix it and your good to go. Later J

    ohhh thats a mean trick, you made the kid almost puke

  14. It's all in good fun Hey it something that we must all go through at one point or another. The first time, I took it straight and it burned the **** out of my throat. My girlfriend thought I was insane, I clutched my throat and was running all over the apartment. Lesson learned mix it or gamble with puke. Later J

  15. hahahaha thats sure paints a funny picture

  16. i gotta laugh.....

    that stuff is horrible.....

    the back of my throat was burning so bad i thought i couldn't roomates and my friends in my room thought it was really funny....

    i tried it with gatorade and it just mixes up really nasty tasting gatorade....

    i think i found the solution i mixed it in with my protein shake and grinned and beared it and chugged a little bit of it then put more milk in and i could barely taste it......

    i want to try OJ though...maby when i get time to go to the store...

  17. I found grapefruit juice worked perfectly, I bought the ruby red variety, and a small glass of it is plenty to mask the putrid nolvadex flavour.

  18. good call, i heard that worked a lil better than just OJ

  19. By the end of the bottle, I was shooting it straight w/ no OJ chaser and yes, the aftertaste sucks but it's not that bad when you're used to it.

  20. I must be a wuss, cuz after using it for 3PCTs i sill haven't gotten used to the taste and have to chase w/ OJ.

  21. I FOUND IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tropicana Orange/Pinapple Juice

    you can mix a full 40mgs of nolva in 8 ounces of it and there is not difference in is awesome.......

    i think it might actually make it taste better........

  22. my favorite 'chaser' is ice coffee (seriously)

  23. Im with quasar. The first couple times really suck, but after awhile youll get use to it.

    I always figured youd always taste the **** even if you mixed it with battery acid.

    I even heard of people on another board taking packets of kool aid and making a super strength glass of the **** to the extent thats its almost a syrup then mixing the stuff and they said that the taste was very well masked. Never tried it though. Id imagine a decent sugar rush as well.


  24. Another question: What are the benefits of taking liquid Nolva DURING the actual cycle? I have some here for post cycle recovery, but was wondering if I could use a bit (0.25-0.5 cc's) during, and what would it's benefits be?

    Thanks for clearing this up for me if you can!

  25. benefits are simply to minimize the chances of gyno being an issue. Taking in 10mg a day throughout one's cycle wont hinder your gains too much, and especially if you're prone to gyno, its a good option.


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