Epistane cycle feedback...

  1. Epistane cycle feedback...

    I've done quite a bit of research...ill do a couple more months before going on cycle. But heres how its looking now:

    Epistane (ED):
    wk 1) 10-20
    wk 2) 20
    wk 3) 30
    wk 4) 40

    wk 5) 20
    wk 6) 20
    wk 7) 10
    wk 8) 10

    On cycle I'll be taking:
    Anabolic Inovations's Cycle Support
    Universal Animal Flex

    Off Cycle:
    Anabolic Inovation's Post Cycle Support
    Cort Blocker (edit)

    This is my first ever cycle of ph or anything other creatine. I'm hoping to gain at least 10 lbs...anymore would be great.

    Oh, I'm 22 6', 180, ecto...been working out hard and eating hard for several years and I've put on 20 lbs or so...I'm kinda hoping this will be my only cycle for quite a while..just kinda jump start my summer workout.

    Any advice would be good. Anything I'm missing, doing wrong, don't need...lemme know.


  2. with Havoc u can get away with nolva @ 20/20/10/10. i would aslo add a cort blocker in pct

  3. thanks ill add that...any other suggestions?

  4. Good luck, I plan on running the same thing soon. I see a lot of people using cycle support during their post cycle therapy, I don't know if I'd do it though cause I want to spend as little money as possible.

    You should gain more than 10lbs, make sure you over eat and take as much advantage of Havoc as possible. Even if it means you put on a little extra fat.

    EDIT: I said Havoc lol, I mean Epistane. I'm doing Havoc

  5. most peoples sweet spots seem to be 30mg. I would see how your gains are coming with that before jumping to 40 and risking more sides. Just a suggestion.

  6. do i need an AI?

  7. I didnt run one personally, but its recomended due to people having possible delayed gyno. Better safe than sorry I sappose.


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