epi and drug tests

  1. epi and drug tests

    I work on a boat during summer and coast guard requires everyone on the water to take drug tests. I wanted to start my next cycle of epi in a month or so but didnt want this to mess anything up. Will epi show up on a normal piss test? Also ill be on torem will that effect anything either?

  2. hm, i doubt it will show BUT, SERMS are sometimes included on panels but you have to know what they are generally looking for as doing all that for each person is very expensive.

    thats a tough call...id look to get someone elses urine to be safe

  3. Sneaky haha

  4. How long does EPI and a SERM stay in your system?

  5. I remember reading from Dr.D that this product is not even recognized on any test so far.

    I would hazard a guess that it would be gone from the system within two weeks from the last dose but let me check on that!

  6. since epi is legal will they even care if it did show up?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by axeman View Post
    since epi is legal will they even care if it did show up?
    I didnt think all that was considered "legal", Just covering my ass incase something happens. Really cant lose this job its to awesome lol

  8. To be honest I don't have the answer for the clearance question. Sorry.

  9. I recommend patience in this case, since no one really knows for sure, you may as well just put your cycle off until after the test.
    You need your income.

  10. They are usually looking for recreational drugs. They have a standard six they look for, THC, Cocaine, Methamph., amphet., Opiates and PCP.

    It costs more money to add steroid metabolites.
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