Congress to increase penalties for anabolic steroid offenses

  1. Congress to increase penalties for anabolic steroid offenses

    Originally Posted by Patrick Arnold @

    This is specifically for the attention of those juicers who say they can care less if prohormones are banned or not

    the much awaited Biden bill has been introduced into the Senate. In it, they broaden the anabolic steroid control act to include prohormones and prosteroids.

    But they don't stop there. They also propose much stricter penalties for anabolic steroid offenses. That means that your possession of those Dbol tabs that you thought was no big deal might now get your ass thrown in prison as if you were possessing a bag of coke.

    Pass this on to all anabolic boards on the net please


  2. Well In case Patrick didn't realize that steriod offenses are in the same cat as coke offenses.. but it does look like they will attempt to bump up the sentence guide lines.. what a big crock of ****.. but hey that is the damn Congress that those of us that voted elected.. Well I voted but my guy lost.. go figure

  3. It's legal for corporations to inject these into animals and having people unknowingly consume these steroids, but it's illegal for us to knowingly consume these steroids.

    And once this passes in the states, Canada will bump up penalties.

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