promatrix biotechnologies

  1. promatrix biotechnologies

    Anybody have any more info on this stuff. It actually looks pretty amazing to me but they write those advertisements so damn good i cant tell whats hype and whats not. heres the link to it. specifically the product 4-hydroxy nandrolone undecanoate. very interesting.

  2. looks pretty damn good IMO, I wonder if anybody has used any and what, if any, results.......

  3. The hormone looks interesting but I've read the product isn't very good.

  4. looks like bull**** to me the hydroxy nandrolone is available from chinese powder manufacturers and thses guys just bought it and over priced it. It wil still be supressive and it will not be more anabolic than deca especially not in oral form.
  5. Question

    I have a concern about this product and not becasue they are a competitor. We have our 1-TU and it was impossible to get the undecanoate ester in a capsule or powder with an high enough purity. The undecanoate would need to be in an oil in order to get a 98% purity...even a 95% purity. I believe this product is in tablet form, so I am in some doubt about the undecanoate ester attached.

    Has anyone used this product yet?

  6. Chemo, thanks for having me!!!


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