Best prohormones stack

  1. Best prohormones stack

    Can some one help? I am about to start another cycle and I was wondering what would be best. I have recently completed a stack on 1-test and 1,4 adro with good results. But, I am thinking trying 1-test and 4AD but am consider about gaining fat, that is why I am thinking about doing the 1-test and 1,4 adro again. Does any have a suggestion and some good products.

  2. any one of the legal gear product would probably be great . Check out their hdyroxy test one since the H test may have some anti-e properties. I am also a firm believer in 4ad + 3 beta its very cheap and was effective for me.

  3. So, do you think I would get better result with 4AD and 1-test

  4. My guess is that you would get DIFFERENT results....I don't know about better or worse.

    What kind of 1-test did you use last time? What kind of 1,4? What were your results?

  5. Yep its a different animal entirely 1t 4ad will probably give you more gains but they wont be as pretty.

  6. Maggmaster how much 3-beta did you use a day....also did you use it in a transdermal?

  7. Molehonea, not trying to be a dick in anyway, but I am noticing you have been starting many threads in the past few days.

    They are all easy, basic questions you are asking. Do a search.

  8. The response to 4-AD is different in most people, I personally did not gain any water weight from my last cycle of T-1 Final. Although, I did add another two grams of 1-Test to the formula my gains were fairly lean.

    The 4-AD is also used to help with the lethargy experienced from the 1-Test. Once again, I experienced very little lethargy from the 1-Test even with the added two grams.

    If you are looking for lean gains then 1-Test is the way to go, I would stay away from 1,4 Andro as it will make your appetite increase which may lead to unwanted caloric intake.

    Because these different substances can react different from person to person, mix it up a little and try different formulas until you find what works for you.



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