In stock...out of stock ... wait..out of stock

  1. In stock...out of stock ... wait..out of stock

    Why is it that is seems like alot of the popular designer steroids like Havoc,Halodrol 50, and Epistane are always on a constant waiting list with supplement dealers? Is it just a shortage and theres too much demand? Is it shortage of raw material to make them? What is it thats causing this see saw with these supplements and making them harder to get?


  2. MovinWeight
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    Supply and Demand

    Plus the increased difficulty with getting raws.

  3. Yea, Epi was gone for a long time, so when it did come in, it went very quickly. I'm sure more is on the way though.

  4. Yeah, I bought the last 4 bottles NP had... Just in case.

  5. I got 1 on the way. Glad I picked it up. I had some SD and PP sitting around for quite a while before I started using them.
    It's a good thing to have around...just in case



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