phera plex for my cycle

  1. phera plex for my cycle

    I am planning on starting a phera plex and EST propadrol stack in just over a weeks time, i have got my support sups sorted for pre/on/post cycle, and my diet is in check and will be upping calories when i start.

    Just trying to figure out which phera plex clone to go for, the 3 im looking at are:

    Competitive edge labs: p-plex
    Fast action: d-stianozol
    EST: phera vol

    Leaning more towards CEL's plex but would like some views on experiences or just thoughts on what you think.

    Will be logging my cycle with pics when i start.

  2. from what I've read a lot of guys on here like the CEL products because they are of better quality...I just ordered some CEL H-Drol.

  3. I've used cel's brand and liked, I haven't tried anyone else's.

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