SO+ And LGP 1-T Hydroxytest

  1. SO+ And LGP 1-T Hydroxytest

    Ok guys, big question, I have 1 bottle of LGP 1-T Hydroxytest and 1 bottle of Super One+ and am going to use them as a cutting cycle. My question is , how would you guys run these for best results, here are the options

    1) Both Bottles at the Same Time for 4 weeks
    2) One bottle for 4 weeks then the other for 4 weeks, 8 weeks total
    3) 4 weeks one bottle, 4 weeks off, 4 weeks other bottle

    So I was wondering what u guys would run for cutting, and I have 50ml of nolva at 20mg/ml, for post-cycle. So How would you guys run it?

    P.S. I want to go as hardcore as possible with the best results.

    And I am training with Iron Addict so diet and training will be excellent.

  2. BUMP! good question...

    I would like to know myself...I have heard good things about SUPER ONE

  3. Whey not run the 2'ofem for 6 weeks if you're gonna cut. Less suppression than 8, plus most people seem to lose effectiveness after the 6th week. Also this gives you a good 45 days to cut. Just my 2 cents though.

  4. What dosage of each would you run for 6 weeks (I.e. how many squirts of each)

  5. I would not really see a need to exceed 3 squirts of each twice a day. That is as heavy as you would need IMHO. You could always add more OH-Test to the water that is SO+ (jk). Why run one of each? Just covering your bases on delivery?

    If you are cutting, you would want to obviously take a lot of protein (200g min) and perhaps try the Anarchy Stack.

    We will have cheap Dox brand capped Acetyl-L-Carnitine and both ALA and rALA in about 2 to 3 weeks. We luckily have acces to a USDA/UFDA certified manufacturing facility. Look for a new weightloss product from us in the next few weeks too! If you have short run needs, we can accomodate. Meaning, come up with a custom supp mix and I can have it capped and bottled for you.


  6. I think I've decided to drop the SO+. Here's what my cutting stack is going to look like, what do you think?

    1 Bottle LGP 1-T Hydroxytest
    ANARCHY Stack
    Ergopharms Skulpt

    What dosage would you run with this on the Hydroxytest? 4 or 6 week cycle?

  7. Anyone one got an opinion on what dosage and for how many weeks to run the hydroxytest with this stack? Starting on monday.

  8. personal preference man personally if I wer cutting and not trying to gain Id run 1 squirt twice daily, if I wanted to gain a little Id run 2 squirts twice daily.

  9. I am cutting, but I'd like to gain too, what are your feelings on runnin 1 1/2 squirts twice daily for 6 weeks vs. 2 squirts twice daily for 4 weeks


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