1. Question help

    running two cycles 4on, 4 off, 4on, tgel with 10g 1test, 5g 4a, with liquid clomid on both posts, followed up by two cycles of ucp-1(2on, 2off, 2on), any feedback on effectiveness would be apprec.

  2. How's your diet? What dosing did you have in mind?

  3. Bro doesn't seem like you need help. You have very effective cycles there and you should get great results. There's really no point in asking people about how effective it is, as everyone is different, if you want to view others cycles and results then search and read. Later J

  4. My Diet looks like this
    Meal one
    1 cup oats/2 scoops pro
    meal two
    1 chicken breast
    cottage cheese
    green peppers(red too)
    meal three
    meal four post
    2 scoops whey
    creatine 50 grams dex/malto
    meal five
    cottage cheese
    meal six
    1 cup oats/2 scoops pro
    meal seven
    cottage cheese
    2 tab natty pb

    multi gnc 2 a day
    5-10 g glutamine
    9 gnc bcaa

    i plan on taking in 400 mg 1test daily and 200 mg 4ad

  5. thanks for the info j

  6. This is a sticky in the steroids section. Take a look at rule #12. There are far to many variables (genetics, diet, sleep, exercise, recovery......) to answer the question. But, keep all the other variables in check and you should see results.****8314


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