PH/DS Question for experienced users - relative strengths and side effects

  1. PH/DS Question for experienced users - relative strengths and side effects

    I have taken both Hdrol and Epistane. I ran Epistane for a 4 week cycle of 10/20/30/30 (this is back when it just came out and hardly anyone had feedback on it, so I didn't know about toxicity) and gained roughly 10-11 pounds. It was a while back, but I remember having amazing pumps, good strength gains and very good vascularity.

    In December I ran Hdrol at 50mg for four weeks. It was certainly weaker than epistane was at 30mg, but I experienced no side effects other than a little bit of drying out of my hair.

    In April or May I want to run a cycle of either 4 weeks of Havoc/Epidrol at 30mg or Hdrol at something like 50/50/75/75/75. I am not entirely sure which would be asking for more side effects, especially hair loss. I am not really concerned about liver toxicity as I will run milk thistle, NAC, and samE at normal doses.

    1) Does anyone have any insight about which of these compounds will cause less hairloss? What about strength gains (size is less important to me)?

    2) What about superdrol? I have actually heard it might be easier on the hairline? I was entertaining the idea of running it at 10mg for 4 weeks instead.

    3) Returning to the relative strength of these orals, what do you guys figure the roughly equivalent doses are? In my experience 50mg of hdrol and 20mg of epistane were quite similar. What do you guys think? For the superdrol users how does it measure up?

    Thanks for reading

  2. superdrol is imo the harshest DS out there as of now. i would NOt suggest runing EPI or Hdrol again for about a year seeing as ur body wont respond as well as it did the first time. look into a phera/TRen cycle that can produce some wicked LBM gains and some serious strength with minimal sides.

    and doses.... lets see from personal XP here goes, im guna base it on 30mg epi seeing as thats what u found strong

    30mg epi = 100mg Halo ( halo is VERY mild/weak if u ask me..or anyone else whos used it lol )
    30mg epi = 10mg superdrol
    30mg epi = 15mg pheraplex
    30mg epi = 90 mg tren
    30mg epi = 50mg test E :P ( i had to )

  3. i ran epi about a year ago, and halo in december, you still think i couldnt run epi say, mid-april?

  4. i guess you could but why not try what else is out there? you never know how your body will respond to each compound. honeslty i never go by what ppl tell me i just try it and see how it works. and you definitly wont have the same results with epi the 2nd time around but stacked with the halo it would probably be a killer lean muscle stack

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